Who is this 'Michelle Brusegaard' anyway? That's me. Oh, hi! I went to school for oil painting and photography. That took forever! Then I had to get a job. Selling paintings is hard, so I learned to screen print on the side. I've been selling my printed goodies full time since 2008. It's pretty tight. I bumble around the earth getting inspired by old things, new things, people, animals, things that grow and things that don't grow. Everything I create starts with an original drawing. It's the MBMB way! It's like I always say: "keep your friends close, keep your sketchbook closer!" I always say that. I work out of NE Minneapolis, where the cats are aplenty and the Hamms flows just as fast* as the Ole Missus Sip. *Not sure if that's fast or not.

My studio is located in the Northrup King Building, 1500 Jackson St NE, Ste 246 MPLS, MN 55413